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9 Kitchen Cooking Essentials

Recently, I was asked by a friend what my must-have cooking essentials are for making delicious, easy food at home. I put together a list of the items I use most often, and thought I would share with you as well! I’m a huge fan of multi-purpose kitchen tools, not gadgets with a single purpose. While they may look and sound fancy (an apple peeler/corer/slicer? All in one? Cool!), you can use a simple paring knife to do the same thing, and spare yourself clutter from items that don’t get used often, and save money to boot! In no particular order, here are my topRead More →

Ultimate Cookbooks - The Pantry Fairy Top 5

This post may contain affiliate links. I only recommend products I have used personally and believe in. See full disclosure policy here. The Beginning If someone were to ask me how I learned to cook, my first instinct is to say that I grew up watching my mom in the kitchen. She comes from a line of homestyle kitchen ninjas. My second instinct is to say that I learned so much just from reading cookbooks. You see, I have always been an avid reader. My little one recently asked what toys I liked to play with when I was her age. And I honestly couldn’t think ofRead More →

the-pantry-fairy, simple-cooking

HELLO! I’m so glad to see you! What’s that you say? What is a Pantry Fairy, you ask? Well, allow me to share the story. The Pantry Fairy was born in 2012, when I was encouraged by some friends to start a blog to share their favorite recipes I’ve made, and to share some basic cooking tips and tricks. After going dormant for a few years, I am back, and ready to jump in the kitchen and start cooking away! The Pantry Fairy exists to share recipes, and simple cooking techniques that you can make on a budget. It’s even more fun when you can getRead More →