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Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

Have you ever started to make a recipe, only to realize that you didn’t actually have some of the ingredients you needed to prepare the meal? That’s exactly what happened to me when I started to make these sour cream chicken enchiladas. Part of the magic of a Pantry Fairy is to be able to look at the resources you have on hand and be able to swap in substitutions to balance out what is missing from the recipe. Here is the process I went through to get the enchiladas made and on the table for dinner. Chicken – All of my chicken was frozenRead More →

farmers market chicken salad

Fresh apples and grapes make this delicious chicken salad a lunchtime winner.Read More →

slow cooker scalloped potatoes and ham

Relax tonight with dinner done in your slow cooker! Sliced potatoes with bursts of ham and onion are in a creamy, cheesy sauce. Easy to make, easy to clean up!Read More →


Warm, hearty chili is both nutritious AND delicious – perfect on a cold day.Read More →

It was time to cook dinner one evening, and I did what all of us do – opened the fridge and scratched my head. What did we have that I could combine into a meal? There was a kielbasa link that needed to be cooked. I had a random bag of spinach that my mom had passed on before she left for vacation. I had half a red onion that needed to be used that a friend had left a few days before after making his famous guacamole. I found this recipe on Pinterest for Cheesy Sausage Pasta, and found that I could modify it toRead More →